NNA Flea Market


NNA Flea Market

The Northside Neighborhood Association Annual Flea Market happens on a Saturday in August from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Backesto Park. See Calendar for the latest date and additional details.

Registration for spaces is held the week before the event at the Backesto Park Community Center. Registration dates and times are posted on the Northside Neighborhood Calendar and on the Backesto Park tennis courts at least 2 weeks before the event. There will be a map at the sign ups identifying available spaces. The most heavy traffic area is 13th street but most people tend to go around the entire park. Participants should try to unload and move their vehicles away from the park so that buyers can park and buy.  Registration is only available until all spaces are sold. Be advised that there may be few or no spaces available on the day of the event. Please register early to assure the space you want.

As in past years, several rules are in effect which will be strictly enforced for the benefit of all participants:

The Flea Market is sponsored by the Northside Neighborhood Association and the San Jose Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services.  For additional information consult this Web Site as the date nears or phone Chuck Hagenmaier, at 1-408-295-5860.

The Backesto Park Flea Market is the neighborhood association's primary fundraiser. It typically nets around $2000 for neighborhood programs.

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